Last updated May 18, 2020

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Affiliates Disclaimer

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Our Source of Income

We earn money from our affiliate partners who pay us a referral commission for their products and services we list on 5gist.com.

How Does it Work?

When you, our reader, click on any of the affiliate links on our website and progress to purchase on their webpage, the owners of the site pay us an affiliate fee as a finder’s commission. All the affiliate links on 5Gist will have ‘go‘ in the URL.

For example, whenever you see a URL like ‘https://5gist.com/go/XXXXX,’ you can assume we’ve affiliated with the company or service provider to whom that link is going to lead.

Which are the providers with whom we have an affiliate partnership?

Our editorial team at 5Gist has reviewed numerous products by various companies and providers, over one hundred if you talk about VPNs as we focus heavily on cybersecurity, too (if you’re our regular reader you may know that already).

But, we do not affiliate with every single provider to earn the affiliate commission. Instead, we only affiliate and recommend the ones that we find worth recommending after multiple tests and thorough consideration.

Our readers’ satisfaction is our primary goal. We do not earn any affiliate commission from any of the VPN or other providers out there except the ones mentioned in the list below:

  • ExpressVPN

*NOTE: Whenever 5Gist becomes an affiliate partner of a vendor, we update the above-provided list to showcase all our current affiliate partners.

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