Ethics Statement and Editorial Policy

At 5gist, we aim to ensure that our technologic journalism is of the highest integrity, quality, and that our editorial independence is beyond any doubt. That’s why we operate under a stringent ethical code. Every single writer and researcher on this website is required to work under the guidelines detailed on this page. Our standards are higher than our industry’s average.

Your trust, our audience’s trust is our core value. It’s the only commodity we have to build our success, so we work very hard to earn it and keep it. In the current global environment, there’s countless information available in all kinds of formats and platforms. That’s why, now more than ever, it’s crucial to work under clear ethical guidelines so that the reader knows where the information originates and if they should trust it.

Editorial independence

It all starts with autonomy, as far as we are concerned. That’s what enables us to publish content without hesitation.

At 5Gist, we cover a lot of firms and individuals relevant to the 5G industry. We are quite critical about them because we are communicators and not cheerleaders. The best work we do is in the stories that the compelling characters in the industry would rather keep silent. Our independence is rooted in the responsibility that flows from adhering to a strict “code of conduct.” We also ensure a healthy distance between 5Gist’s writing team and the advertising teams so that all the information we publish remains objective and free of any kind of commercial influence.

Our conduct guidelines are the following:

  • We don’t take gifts (especially pricy ones) from any company or their PR team. It’s as simple as that.
  • We never accept pre-conditions to cover any story. If a company requires us to say some specific things, it’s on the wrong site.
  • Our reporting subjects do not preview (or approve) the interview questions or content, and we don’t allow them to preview our stories or to censor them before they go live on the site.
  • Whenever one of our writers has a potential conflict of interest in any given story, we make sure they work on something else, so neutrality and objectivity are guaranteed.
  • We do not pay for any sort of endorsement.
  • We are not investors in any of the firms we cover.
  • Our staff doesn’t do paid content. That’s a big no.

When we say we don’t accept anything of value, we refer to meals, discounted services, gifts, paid trips junkets, among other things. When our writers attend any of the industry’s events, 5Gist will handle all the travel expenses, including food, hotels, and transportation.

Professional Conduct of 5Gist

Our ethical standards are not meant to preserve our editorial independence only. We expect our writers and researchers to conduct themselves according to the highest industry-merit ethical guidelines at work.

In other words, the editorial team puts a great deal of effort into finding the truth out and reporting it, protecting sources, minimizing harm risks, and endeavor to achieve the highest degrees of honesty and accuracy in every piece we publish. Our professional baseline for conduct is that of the SPJ’s (Society of Professional Journalists) code of ethics.


Our organization includes a specialized advertising squad that is in charge of selling ads on our websites. Each feature in 5Gist that is sponsored by a company, brand, or advertiser is clearly labeled as “Advertiser Content.” Those advertisements are not representative of 5Gist’s views. Our sales and advertising team has a set of policies and guidelines to follow so that the content they develop does not affect the editorial team’s liberty, creativity, or independence.

Our writing and research staff does not accept compensations of any kind from any person or entity as a stipulation to produce a review or an article, favorable or otherwise. That being said, some of our work is possible because of our sponsors’ support. That kind of content gets marked as “Presented” by the relevant sponsor clearly. While every sponsor can choose the content they prefer to support, we do not permit them (nor our sales and advertising team) to meddle with our editorial team’s editorial integrity and the pieces they produce.

Our content may feature marketing links. That means that we charge a commission from purchases made through those links. Within our editorial texts, such affiliate links emerge automatically; so, our writers are not affected at all by those affiliate partnerships. 5Gist employs a commercial team to optimize its affiliate revenue, and such contents are clearly highlighted by including disclosure for the affiliate link when relevant.

Distributed platforms

5Gist is a multi-media brand that is present across different platforms on the Internet. Those include our website as well as social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.). We manage the work we do on every platform using the same ethical standards.

On occasion, 5Gist will distribute sponsored editorial pieces and branded content using our distributed mediums. Such publications will always be labeled/marked as “Presented by” or “Paid content” in the blog post. We will also use further tools native to each platform (such as a Facebook handshake).

Updated and Corrections

We strive for accuracy always, and we invest every possible effort to achieve it. We, however, can make mistakes from time to time (after we all are human). When we realize that an error’s been made, our editor(s) will issue a correction immediately to remove any inaccurate information and add an explanatory note that clears things out. In some specific cases (such as videos), we may need to take the original piece down completely, and replace it with a corrected version.

Occasionally, additional information around a given story we’ve already published comes to light. It may continue or clarify the original story’s narrative (but it’s not a correction). In that situation, we could either append or change the concerned elements of the original article. In these cases will be noted clearly (right below the story’s content finishes), and the clarification will include the time of change and an explanation regarding the changed elements.

Last but not least, we could remove any content we deem to infringe on the intellectual property rights of any third party or that violates third-party rights in any way, or that breaches any regulation or applicable law. These decisions involve 5Gist’s legal team.


One of the essential services we provide for our readers and followers is advising on how to spend their precious time, money, and energy on 5G products. These articles (reviews) always present our writers’ and researchers’ best appraisals. No review is paid for by manufacturers or advertisers in 5Gist.

Companies may lend us some pieces of hardware (like laptops, tablets, or smartphones) so that we can do some research on their products and assess them to produce reviews. Sometimes we may keep a review article unit for a more extended period so we can see it perform over time. We could also agree to an “embargo” with a firm that permits us to have a look at a yet unreleased product.

Personal investments

5Gist doesn’t invest in the companies it covers. Moreover, our employees are prohibited from getting involved in trading of any kind regardings the corporations we cover or firms in the general technology sector. While our retirement savings program could hold some of those restricted financial instruments, our employees do not manage them directly.

Moreover, our employees are forbidden from involvement in the cryptocurrency market (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.).

Other employment

5Gist’s employees can’t be otherwise employed or paid by companies that they’re likely to cover in their work. They can’t hold an advisory role (compensated or otherwise) in such companies. Our writers are allowed to write for other portals only with our express permission (from the Chief Editor, specifically).


Every now and then, we might conduct giveaways and contests for our readers and users. On such occasions, we shall post the relevant rules for each giveaway or competition, which will be binding for those entities deciding to join them. While these events may be sponsored by one or more of our advertisers or partners, they should never be considered as an implied endorsement of the company in question or its products.

5Gist investors

We have several investors, and our content could have something to do with their products or services. Even under these circumstances, our editorial position remains independent and neutral. Our investors do not influence the site’s creative process in any way except when we have a prior contract with an investor that includes a partnership for content creation explicitly.

When such a partnership is relevant, we will disclose it explicitly to our audience. We also will remind our readers of any relationship we may have with a given investor when we cover their activities or news.


Every now and then, the 5Gist team gets involved with new projects (brands, organizations, and businesses) whose work resonates echoes our own, or our editorial team’s. That involvement has no bearing on the content we publish here.

That being said, our partnership teams may create and publish that kind of content on our partner sites. In such cases, a description of the connection between our partner and us will be included with the article as well as the extent to which our wring and research teams were engaged in the creative process.

5Gist Welcomes Feedback

We want to hear from you always. If you’re concerned about our ethical standards, statement, or praxis, please make contact with us and let us know.