Meet the Team Behind 5Gist

5Gist team consists of top and bright minds from the tech and security industries.

We adhere to strict tech journalism principles and ethics to provide you (our readers) with only useful, unbiased, and highest quality content. We are proud of never selling our words!

It is our vision to inject transparency and honesty in the tech world, we believe especially online privacy area needs it the most today — that is exactly what we are committed to delivering.

With a keen eye on the future, we are focused on delivering the information in a straightforward way that is easy to digest for everyone.

This is Team 5Gist:

Ali Qamar

Ali is the creator of 5Gist and an aspiring entrepreneur. He is a seasoned blogger and loves keeping a keen eye on the future of tech. He is a geek. He is crazy (and competent) about internet security, digital finance, and technology. Qamar is naturally attracted to transforming things, and he believes 5G will be the next transformer in society.

Ali Raza

Being the joint brain behind 5Gist, Raza adds to the creativity of the site. Experienced in web journalism and marketing, Ali Raza holds a master's degree in finance and enjoys writing about cryptocurrencies, security, and fintech. He is very passionate about 5G tech. Raza's work has been published in several top publications and has some ebooks published under his name as well.

Gannicus Oliver
Gannicus is an experienced tech journalist (he loves writing on emerging techs and digital privacy issues) and consultant who got attracted by the 5G tech substantially and hence ended up joining the 5Gist editorial team. He boasts over four years of writing and editing experience. In his free time, Oliver enjoys uncovering thrilling adventures and traveling around the world.
Abeerah Hashim
Abeerah is a passionate technology blogger and cybersecurity enthusiast. She yearns to know everything about the latest technology developments. Specifically, she’s crazy about the three C’s; computing, cybersecurity, and communication. When she is not writing, she’s reading about the tech world.
Rob Githinji
Author and Correspondent

Robert is a cybersecurity, privacy, and blockchain pundit with vast experience in diverse editorial positions at major news outlets. Apart from writing, Githinji is kool kat, an amateur footballer and a lover of nature.