Privacy Policy

5Gist wants to you thoroughly enjoy and take advantage of our websites and online service while knowing that our fair information policies ensure your privacy’s protection at all times. Our privacy policies extend to 5Gist and its affiliates and subsidiaries whose websites, mobile applications, and other online services are directly linked (the “Sites”).

Our privacy policy explains what kind of information we may collect as you visit the Sites, how that information is used, and when we could disclose the information that could identify you as well the resources and rights you have to manage the same information is.

This privacy policy applies to our Sites. Those web sites developed and maintained by other companies or organizations are responsible for their own actions and privacy policies. You could find that we link to them or that they link to us, but as they do not belong to us, their policies are their own responsibility.

We reserve the right to alter or revise the terms in our privacy policy at any given time without warning. As you keep using our Sites after those changes are published on this page, you signal your willingness to accept and honor them. Should we modify this privacy policy retroactively or in a way that affects the personally identifiable information already we already hold, you will be notified of those modifications, and we will ask for your consent.

What kind of information do we collect?

The information we gather from you in combination with your Sites usage comes in two varieties: non-personally identifiable and personally identifiable. Information of the first kind can’t identify you individually, but it could include tracking and usage information about your general whereabouts, demographics, and Sites and Internet usage.

The second kind is any information that can identify you, and that includes your name, address, phone number, e-mail address. Any non-personally identifiable info data that is linked to such personally identifiable information is also included in this category.

Personally Identifiable Information

Navigating our Sites doesn’t require you to disclose or submit any personally identifiable information for the most part. There are, however, many scenarios in which you could give us some personally identifiable information, as in when you subscribe to our publications, newsletters or other content; register to one of the Sites or a sector thereof; participate in a poll or a market research study; enter a contest; upload content; or when you contact us looking for a job.

As you interact with the Sites, we may collect some information that can’t identify you individually (non-PII). That includes demographic data, information about your computer, mobile device, or any technological means you’re using to navigate our Sites. It can also include your IP address, general geographical information, unique device identifiers, browser type, browser language, and other information useful in transacting data online.

We may also gather information about how you use the Sites. That can include your search terms, search results, time and date of access, session identification number, software crash reports, access times, and referring website addresses. Many of those pieces of information are automatically logged in our servers. Besides the non-identifiable individual information, we could choose to aggregate all the data related to how you use the Sites.

Personally, Identifiable Information collected through or from Social Media Sites

Additionally to the mechanisms mentioned above, you could interact with any of 5Gist’s pages or accounts on social media platforms (Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and we could collect the same personally identifiable information that you make available to the world through your social media activity.

We shall nevertheless comply with the privacy policies of the relevant social media platform, and we will only collect and store those pieces of data that are allowed by the platform.

Should you choose to link or login to your 5Gist account using a social media platform’s service, 5Gist and the service in question could share information about yourself and your movements. We may also share, with your consent, information about your activities, including what you view on the Sites with the users of the social network in question.

Information about your IP address and location

We collect and save your device’s source IP address. This information can be linked to your general geographical location (or your device’s) at the time you’re browsing around the Sites. This could result inappropriate content and advertisements directed towards you.

Information from other sources: the information we gather could be complemented with information from third parties or offline sources. It could be combined with your account’s data. This information could involve demographic information, additional contact information, group affiliations, occupational information, educational background, and as well as other things not describes explicitly here.

Information usage

Everything we learn from you helps us to customize and continuously enhance your experience as a Sites user. That includes the following points:

di the content, products, and services you request.

  • Post your user-generated content on the Sites upon your request.
  • Communicate with you regarding account transactions with us and send you information about features and further improvements in our sites.
  • Let you know about policy changes.
  • Exchange comments about a story or topic when you post a comment of your own.
  • Provide you with a service tailored based on your behavior and preferences.
  • Send you offers, promotions for our products and services, newsletters, third party products and services, information about special events. We will contact you using e-mail, text messages, or other means.
  • Customizing our advertising for you, based on your Sites activity and/or third-party sites and applications.
  • Manage our loyalty programs.
  • Manage our polls, promotions, giveaways, and contests.
  • Improving and optimizing our operations, products, and services.
  • Prevent, detect, and investigate activities that could be illegal or that could violate our policies.
  • Perform statistical, demographic, or marketing analyses of users in the Sites and their purchasing behavior.

We could choose to use the information you provide to any of the nodes in our Site family (all those websites developed and managed by the team behind 5Gist), and we may combine information gathered from several different sectors of our sites into a single user record. We could also choose to use or combine the information we collect offline or that we get from third parties for several possible reasons including, but not limited to, enhancing, expanding, and checking our records’ accuracy. Moreover, the data we collect from a particular device or browser could be used with another computer or device that is linked to the browser of devices from which that information was obtained in the first place.

Who has access to your information?

5Gist will not disclose your personally identifiable information as provided to the Sites to any organizations other than the 5Gist family except as described in this privacy policy.

Third-party agents

We count on the help of several third-party agents, subsidiaries, affiliates, and partners that work for us and accomplish diverse functions such as (but not limited to) hosting, content syndication, content management, social media integration, analytics, marketing, billing and customer services. Your personally identifiable information will be available to them on a need-to-know basis.

When they gain access to this kind of information, they will respect restrictions that prevent them from using, selling, distributing, or changing the data in any way. They can only use it to provide the services requested by the Sites. Here are the third-party scripts or SDKs that could be present on the Sites:

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)

It’s the web analysis service provided by Google Inc. Google tracks and examines the application’s usage by analyzing the collected data. The result comes in the form of reports on its activities that are then shared with other Google services. Google may put the data in context to personalize the advertising service, which is at the heart of its business model.

Google collects cookies and usage data, and it’s based in the US.

Disqus Commenting

It’s a commenting software solution.

Facebook Analytics for Apps

Facebook carries out its data processing in the US. Facebook Analytics for Apps is an analytics service provided by the social media company as specified on its website.

Facebook social widgets and Like button

The like button and social widgets allow integration with the Facebook network for seamless interaction. Facebook provides them.

Twitter social widgets and Tweet button (Twitter, Inc)

The Twitter social widgets and Tweet Button are services that enable interaction with Twitter’s social media platform, and Twitter, Inc provides them. The company is based in the US, and it collects usage data and cookies.

Youtube video widget

YouTube is Google’s video streaming service that allows this app to bring the content of the kind to its pages. It collects usage data and cookies.


Drip is a newsletter marketing platform based in the US.

Google Analytics for Firebase (Google, Inc.)

Firebase provides a series of tools such as Notifications, Remote Config, Authentication, Crash Reporting, and others, and it may share the data that Google collects with those tools at any time.

This system identifies mobile devices and a technology similar to cookies to run its analytics service.

Users can configure their device settings if they prefer to opt-out of some Firebase features. You can better understand Firebase data usage by reading its privacy policy available on its website. It collects cookies, unique device identifiers for advertising in Google, and usage data. It’s based in the US.

Other third parties and business partners

You have a right to choose how some particular data practices apply to you through the tools we provide for that purpose in our Digital Properties. When you exercise your right to choose, we could still share some of your information, or your computer’s, or your mobile device with some companies so that they may honor your preferences in their data collection methods.

Your information could also be shared with the service providers that can assist us in fulfilling your requests or inquiries or that perform other kinds of services, operational functions, or business for us. We could also disclose your personal information if the law requires us to do so. The requirement could come (but it’s not limited to) in the form of a warrant, subpoena, or court order.

Third-party site links

Our Digital Properties could contain links to other websites that we do not develop or manage, so our privacy policy doesn’t apply to them. It refers to the information we collect with our Digital Properties. If you’re visiting other websites, especially frequently, we encourage you to read and understand their privacy policies.


Corporate control change could materialize in the event of a sale, bankruptcy, or merger with another entity. Should that happen, 5Gist could transfer your personally identifiable information to the new controlling party or the one that’s acquired the assets.

If and when such a scenario materializes, we will require the new party to follow the principles stated in this privacy policy to the best of our ability. However, we can’t guarantee that the new controlling partner will have the same position on privacy issues as we do or treat your information in the same way.

Emergencies, Legal Processes, and Law Enforcement

We could disclose your personally identifiable information to a third party when the law requires us to do so. We could do that as well when, in good faith, we believe that such action is essential in complying with the law or a legal process.

Also, when it’s in the pursuit of the protection and defense of our rights, the prevention of our Sites’ misuse, to protect the personal safety of our employees, agents, partners, our users, or the public in general.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Your non-personally identifiable information and aggregate information could be shared or disclosed in any way whenever we consider it to be needed, other than it’s described here as long as we deem it appropriate.

Among other things, this kind of information shared with third-parties helps us to understand how people use the Sites and who our users are so that we can improve our services accordingly. Our partners and other third-partners can also receive non-personally identifiable information about how our users use the Sites collectively.

Usage of Tracking Technologies and Cookies in the Sites

We use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies, as most websites do, so we can record your preferences, track our website usage, and your exposure to our advertisements. The techniques can also monitor traffic, improve the Sites, and make your experience more comfortable to navigate and more relevant for your needs.

Almost every web browser accepts cookies automatically. You can, however, modify your browser’s settings so you can either disable, reject, or limit cookie usage. If you delete your cookies or you configure your browser to reject them, you could miss out on some of the site’s features, or you could not see it as it’s meant to be.

We use Google’s Analytics web service in the Sites. Google uses cookies and other tracking devices to help us understand how our users experience and use the Sites. We, or Google, compile the information into reports on the Sites’ activity so we can provide services to the Site’s activity and usage.

Google’s technologies may collect your IP address, time of visit, whether if you are a first time visitor, and the referring link or website. The Sites do not collect any information through Google that could track you or identify you personally. Google Analytics collects all that information, and it’s stored and managed by Google Inc., so it’s subject to Google’s privacy policies.

We could also partner-up with third-parties in the advertising industry so we can offer you better ads about goods and services that you catch your interest in more productive ways. Those partners may employ cookies, web beacons, or other tracking technologies to collect information about you as you browse around the Sites. All that information is meant to provide you with targeted advertising based on your interested.

The online advertising partners in question can’t access pieces of data such as your e-mail, telephone number, name, address, or other personally identifiable information from us without your explicit consent. Their technology allows them, however, to tag you with persistent identifiers that track your internet usage across the web anonymously. While we do restrict their further use of such information, such third-parties could acquire enough data from other sources that will allow them to identify you personally without our knowledge or authorization.

Unaffiliated advertisers and third-party ad serving companies also run publicity campaigns in the Sites. They could send a separate cookie to your browser or use different data collection and tracking technologies to collect information about your IP address, your browser, the server from which your computer connects, your area code or zip code, and how did you respond to their ads.

We do not influence these third-parties technologies, techniques, data collection, or data usage. We’re not responsible for their privacy policies, either. If you’re interested in the subject, then you should visit their websites and read their policies. The list of third-party ad servers can change at any time, so we suggest for you to check this section often to keep updated with the changes.

You’ll find that among the third-party advertisers working in the Sites, many are part of programs that give you additional choices about the collection and usage of your information. You can learn further details about those options and how you can use them to limit those third-parties by navigating to the Network Advertising Initiative and the Digital Advertising Alliance websites. The Facebook page for ad preference is also relevant, primarily the preferences tool and privacy policy.

Your device’s settings can also provide you with options to opt-out of mobile app tracking by some specific ad networks. We suggest that you study your device so you can learn about those options and take advantage of them according to your preferences. For more details regarding each specific operating system, you can consult the following links:

  • Apple:
  • Android:
  • Windows:

It’s essential to understand in full that opting-out of advertising networks services will not prevent you from receiving advertising while you browse our Sites or other Websites, nor it will prevent the receipt of targeted publicity from other entities in the industry which are not part of these programs. It will spare you from interested-based advertising carried out by the participating networks as per their policies and choice mechanisms.

Maybe your browser features the “Do Not Track” option. However, it’s still unclear what compliance with “Do Not Track” means as the corresponding protocol is still under development. Until such a time in which the “Do Not Track” protocol reaches completion, 5Gist’s data gathering, disclosure policies, and choices we provide to users will remain to operate as explained in this privacy policy, independently of any Do Not Track signal.

Your choices

5Gist strongly believes in your right to make informed choices about data collection, and the usage, and sharing of your information. You can’t wholly opt-out of all data collection when you visit the Sites (or almost any other Website in the world, for that matter). But you can limit how that information is collected and utilized. You can find more information about your choices as they relate to targeted advertising in the relevant section that’s above, in this same document.

Personally, identifiable information and data collection.

Every piece of personally identifiable information is provided voluntarily by users. If you believe that 5Gist should have none of this information at all, then you must refrain from submitting it. That, of course, will limit your experience and will restrict your access to some content and site functionality.

Emails and newsletters

You can always opt-out of e-mails and future marketing messages and newsletters from 5Gist by just following the relevant instructions you can find in every e-mail or newsletter. You can also e-mail us, call us or write to us at the address ([email protected]) we provide for this purpose.

Governing Law

We protect the personally identifiable information we gather from all our users to the best of our ability. We also try to comply with local data protection and consumer rights law as they apply to 5Gist’s services. If you’re unsure if such policy conflicts with your domestic privacy laws, then you shouldn’t submit any personally identifiable information to the Sites.

If you’re not in [country], you need to know that the information you provide will end up in [country], through internet transmission, where it will be stored and processed.

GDPR Compliance for European Territories

5Gist recognizes some specific additional rights to citizens of the European Union in compliance with the European privacy laws, especially with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Those rights include the ability to access and rectify the information, object, or complain about it, erasure, and band blockage. More concretely:

  • The right to inquire for information regarding whether and which personal data we process, and the right to demand that personal information is amended or rectified.
  • The right to have your data deleted, under certain circumstances.
  • The right to demand that the processing of your personal data is restricted, under certain circumstances.
  • Withdrawing your permission for the processing and using your data, partially or totally, at any time in the future.
  • The right to collect all your personal data in a readable, structured, and standard format.
  • The right to contact our data protection officer should you have any complaints, comments, questions, or requests related to our statement on data protection and the processing of your personal data.
  • The right to complain to the appropriate authority if you believe that the processing of your data is breaking the law.

We reference some other rights for citizens of the European Territori, additional to the ones explained above, throughout this privacy policy. By citizens from the “European Territories,” we mean the European Economic Area and Switzerland. Our definition will continue to include the United Kingdom even after it leaves the European Union, should that come to happen.

You can email admin[at] with “GDPR Request” as the subject for any questions about the rights of European citizens.

Other Important Information

How we secure your information

We take your data security very seriously, so our strategy includes physical, technical, and administrative policies implemented and supervised simultaneously by experts. Please keep in mind that, while we devote a lot of effort and expertise to safeguard your personally identifiable information, in the Internet environment, we can’t guarantee any data exchange to be 100% secure.

You have some responsibility in protecting your privacy too. You must take preventive measures to protect the security of any personally identifiable information that you transmit over any home networks, WiFi modems, WiFi networks (especially free ones) and any similar system by adopting encryption and other security methods so that unauthorized people can’t intercept or steal any of your personally identifiable information. If you’re using open access or other insecure networks, you must secure your connection by using encryption.

We keep the information for a period determined by the purpose we intend to reach with it. In some cases, the legal framework requires us to keep some data for a minimum period. Unless there is a constitutional mandate for us to keep the data, we won’t keep it for longer than we need so that the purpose for which we collected the information is achieved.

Games, contests, and giveaways

Every time we run a contest or a giveaway in our Sites, we’ll announce a set of rules. Those rules will explain how the information collected from you so you can join the event will be used and disclosed if the policy for the game is different from what we’ve described in this policy. In any case, personally identifiable information will always be collected only voluntarily.

Children’s information

The Sites are intended for persons who are at least 16 years old. 5Gist will never knowingly collect personal information from children younger than 16 years of age. If you belong in that category, you should not provide us with any personal information at all without demonstrating 5Gist that you have your parents’ consent. If 5Gist finds out that a person younger than 16 has provided it with personal information without parental consent, it will immediately delete that information from the Sites.

If you have reason to consider that 5gist has the personal information of a child under 16 years of age without parental consent, please let us know at once at [email protected].

Californian privacy rights

5Gist does not reveal your personal information to any third parties for those third parties’ marketing plans unless you positively agree to it.

Questions about this policy or about accessing your information.

If you have an account at 5Gist, you have the right to review and change your information by just logging into your account and editing your personal profile. Any questions on the subject can be asked to admin[at]

The contact provided can also help you if you request to access or to change your personally identifiable information. But you won’t be able to see the personally identifiable information of any other user.

We could ask you to provide us with personally identifiable information so that we can verify your identity before you can access any records that include information about you. If we believe that a request to change or delete personally identifiable information violates any law or legal requirement, then we won’t honor it.